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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Nottingham REVIEW


Title:  Nottingham
Author:  Nathan Makaryk
Where to purchase: Amazon
Print Length: 496 pages
Publication Date: August 6th, 2019
Publisher: Forge
Edition:  paperback advanced reader copy
Genre:  Robin Hood retelling, historical fiction
BOOK LINKS: Goodreads | Amazon |  

I received an advanced reader's copy of this novel from the publisher after winning a giveaway on Instagram. All opinions are my own, any review is voluntary.  

“Reading is the opposite of wasting time. There is no finer way to enjoy a sliver of one’s life than by enjoying the entirety of another’s.”


Both a gripping historical epic and fascinating deconstruction of the Robin Hood legend, Nathan Makaryk's Nottingham mixes history and myth into a complex study of power--one that twists and turns far beyond the traditional tale of Sherwood Forest's iconic thief.

No king. No rules.

England, 1191. King Richard is half a world away, fighting for God and his own ambition. Back home, his country languishes, bankrupt and on the verge of anarchy. People with power are running unchecked. People without are growing angry. And in Nottingham, one of the largest shires in England, the sheriff seems intent on doing nothing about it.

As the leaves turn gold in the Sherwood Forest, the lives of six people--Arable, a servant girl with a secret, Robin and William, soldiers running from their pasts, Marion, a noblewoman working for change, Guy of Gisbourne, Nottingham's beleaguered guard captain, and Elena Gamwell, a brash, ambitious thief--become intertwined.

And a strange story begins to spread . .

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"Favors and thank yous are only a polite version of slavery"

Main Characters

  • Robin of Locksley- soldier
  • Lady Marion Fitzwalter- King Richard's cousin, trying to represent the people and help change laws towards their favor
  • Marion's men: Little John, Will Scarlet, Friar Tuck, ect
  • Roger de Lacy- Sherriff of Nottingham
  • Guy Gisbourne- Captain of the guard


Fantastic Robin Hood retelling. Each chapter is a different perspective and really gives a big picture of what’s going on. The book starts off at war with Robin of Locksley and William de Wendenal acting as King Richard's body double. When Robin got injured the king sent the duo to find out what happened to missing shipments of supplies and weapons while Robin heals. The trail leads them to Sherwood Forest where they are robbed by Marion's men. Robin stays with the thieves and learns about the destitute poverty of England's citizens while Will continues into Nottingham to chat with the Sheriff to see if they can reconcile the land's turmoil peacefully and head back to war to be with their king.


England, 1191: Nottingham and Sherwood Forest 

"you're not ready for my brand of outlaw." - Robin Hood


Everyone believes themselves to be the “good guy” and helping the most for the community but the consequences make them all the “bad guys” in someone else point of view.

What did I like about the book?

I love the layers of complexity and character dynamics! Getting to see everyone's point of view really skews the roles of hero and villain! Doing the wrong thing for the right reason still doesn't make you right. Same as following the law without having compassion for the citizens can make you bad. It was really hard finding someone to root for and someone to hate. My allegiance changed with each new point of view.

SO SO SO well written! It is very evident a lot of time and love was put into this work. I didn't even mind the language was inconsistent. THE ENDING- I was a little shocked, and I LOVED it.

I watched the newest Robin Hood movie with my kids and the whole time kept thinking Nottingham is nothing like that and how awesome a movie it would make. There is war, some comic relief, heart break, love but mostly people just making a mess and not realizing the severe consequences of their actions.

What did I not like about the book?

I really enjoy Nottingham but it feels so long, just because there are SO MANY DETAILS. Is that really a dislike? Probably not, more I'm frustrated with myself that I didn't make it a higher priority and it took me a month to read it. I didn't read it fast but I was emotionally invested.

Date Started/Finished : June 20th- July 22nd 2019

Recommend? yes

Do you like Robin Hood? Do you like retellings? Do you like adult fiction? Do you like complex plots and characters? If so- you'll love this! 
Rating:5 /★★★★★
based off Goodreads' ratings: 5 stars – LOVE, it was amazing, highly recommend.

Language level

content rating system
PG-13 = Includes some f-words, religious profanities (such as "God d*mn", "Jesus Christ!" and other crude terms such as "*sshole", "d*ck", "sh*t") non-explicit sex scenes (no description of the sex act or private body parts), and violence.

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Friday, July 26, 2019

Blood & Brute & Ginger Root GIVEAWAY

Blood & Brute & Ginger Root

Title:  Blood & Brute & Ginger Root
Series: Bad Medicine Book 1
Author:  Melissa Wright
Where to purchase: Amazon
Print Length: 160 pages
Publication Date: July 9th, 2019 
Edition:   Paperback 
Genre:  Adult Parnormal/Fantasy

BOOK LINKS: Goodreads | Amazon |  


Despite Diana Coulton doesn’t have time for love. She’s got Bad Medicine—the family herb & book shop—to take care of, not to mention her chaotic sisters and censorious cat. No matter what Diana might want, romance is on the back burner for this Coulton sister.

Until the night well-meaning Bernadette decides to fix all that. Bernie knows better. Magic used to spur romance has a tendency to go haywire, all witches know that. She’s going to have to stop it.
If she can only remember how.

Before long, the local fire marshal shows up on Diana’s front step. But he’s not there to inspect the shop. He’s been caught in Bernie’s spell, and worse, he doesn’t even believe magic exists. Miles tries to get away from Bad Medicine, but he’s bewitched, and providence is not on his side.
Forces of nature conspire to throw Miles and Diana together, and time is running out to cure the enchantment. If they can’t figure out how to undo the magic hexing them, Diana could lose everything. But if they do, she might lose Miles.

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