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Friday, July 12, 2019

Deb Elkink Author Interview


Welcome to the Blog Blitz  for The Mosaic Collection, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


For His glory...  

The Mosaic Collection is an international community of women authors who use faith-based fiction to touch hearts with the good news that Christ's finished work on the cross has made us one family, and to nurture affection for the people God has placed within our circles of influence, so that the grace and glory of God may become visible and personal to everyone we meet.

...and our good

We are sisters, a beautiful mosaic united by the love of God through the blood of Christ. We have experienced the redemptive, restorative power of God's grace in our marriages and families, and we believe our God is able to heal, restore and redeem our brokenness. His love fills us with the courage to persevere, and to offer others a Christ-like compassion that is full of His wisdom and grace.

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Deb Elkink lives with her long-time husband in a cottage beside a babbling creek in rural Alberta, Canada. She grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and studied in Minneapolis–Saint Paul (B.A. Communications), publishing a dozen or so short stories and articles as a young adult. She spent the next twenty years as a rancher’s wife and homeschooling mom (rounding up cattle on horseback, cooking for huge branding crews, earning her private pilot’s license, readying kids for high school).

Graduate studies (M.A. Theology) then prepared her for editing a professional quarterly magazine, doctoral dissertations and scholarly articles, and an online expository Bible study. Today she writes and edits, travels like mad, drinks lots of creamy decaf with friends, and speaks to women’s groups about the Christian faith.

Her debut novel (The Third Grace) received Canada’s prestigious Grace Irwin Prize in 2012, and her literary work on the fiction of a late-Victorian British writer (Roots and Branches: The Symbol of the Tree in the Imagination of G.K. Chesterton) was published in 2015. Her upcoming novel is a contemporary women’s fiction with a historical/theological twist: Eat, Pray, Love and The Wizard of Oz meet the Book of Hebrews in showing that “home” is a state of soul, a state of inner rest.

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Cornerstone message from the collection: 

Look for God in the Bible. Everything (art, literature, fashion design, engineering, philosophy, travel, cooking, health, romance, community, fitness . . .) can be a way to express or illustrate God’s action on our world, but only the living and breathed-out Word of God can give us knowledge of the Father our hearts are longing for. Only the mind of God revealed to the minds of mortals by the Holy Spirit through Scripture can bring us into alignment with the Person of Jesus Christ. In today’s increasingly pagan culture, “spirituality” has become a buzzword for any belief but the truth—the more mystical the better. But the Holy Book of God is the only source containing all we need for salvation and spiritual life.  


1) What’s a local-favorite activity to do during the summer in the area where you live?

Hiking in Cypress Hills Park (keeping an eye open against cougars). This area includes both forests and grasslands, and is simply lovely. But it’s got a rich history of conflict--Fort Walsh was established nearby in 1878 to bring law and order to the Canada-U.S. border during the whiskey-running days.

2) Do you have a scripture that really speaks to you around the latest book you wrote? Did that influence your writing at all?

I wrote The Red Journal with the book of Hebrews in mind. The promise of entering his rest still stands (4:1) epitomizes my message in the novel, as each character is seeking “rest” of some sort or another. We find inner rest for the soul only as we listen to the voice of God in Scripture today, for Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts . . . The word of God is living and active . . .  (4:7, 12). 

3) If you could have any creature as a pet (real or fantasy) what would it be? Do any characters in your book have a pet or allergy to a type of animal?
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4) How many books have you written? Which one is most dear to you and why?

Two novels (and one nonfiction book). I suppose so far my debut novel is my favorite, as The Third Grace won a prestigious Canadian book-of-the-year type of award, and so I know it’s of good literary quality. But, in reality, I don’t know how many readers get the point beneath the story--the idea that God is calling us to Himself through Jesus. To me, although I love and strive to create beautiful literature, the real value of any book is in the message and not the method of its delivery. 

5) What is a go-to dish you take with you to social gatherings (picnic, dinner with friends, holiday, ect)?

Okay, so this is fun. To one Thanksgiving community supper years ago taking place in a church basement in our rural farm-and-ranch area, I brought a jellied cherry salad (almost more like dessert, really). I followed the recipe religiously, but that included some sherry, the alcohol content of which I assumed would boil off. It did not. I still giggle thinking about all those church ladies digging into the bottom of that bowl, almost licking it out! And I admit that I still take that dish to social gatherings.

6) One of your favorite lines you’ve written (character saying, quote, scene, ect)?

Sybil watched the sun setting in the ocean, almost sizzling in the snuffing. In the dusk the rollers kept breaking and the surf kept pounding in and swishing out, pounding in and swishing out—the heartbeat of the living planet. 



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  1. Angela, thanks so much for the opportunity to chat with you and your readers today!

    1. Your holiday dish made me laugh. I made bread pudding once with bourbon that did not cook out as well with a similar effect before it got too potent.