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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Stacy Monson Author Interview


Welcome to the Blog Blitz  for The Mosaic Collection, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


For His glory...  

The Mosaic Collection is an international community of women authors who use faith-based fiction to touch hearts with the good news that Christ's finished work on the cross has made us one family, and to nurture affection for the people God has placed within our circles of influence, so that the grace and glory of God may become visible and personal to everyone we meet.

...and our good

We are sisters, a beautiful mosaic united by the love of God through the blood of Christ. We have experienced the redemptive, restorative power of God's grace in our marriages and families, and we believe our God is able to heal, restore and redeem our brokenness. His love fills us with the courage to persevere, and to offer others a Christ-like compassion that is full of His wisdom and grace.

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Stacy Monson is the award-winning author of The Chain of Lakes series, including Shattered Image, Dance of Grace, and The Color of Truth, as well as her newest release, Open Circle. Her stories reveal an extraordinary God at work in ordinary life. Residing in the Twin Cities, she is the wife of a juggling, unicycling physical education teacher, a proud mom, and doting grandma.

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Cornerstone message from the collection: Our identity is found first and foremost in God. Made in His image, we bear His DNA. We are fully, unconditionally loved by our Creator. While society tells us we don’t measure up, we aren’t good enough, we need to conform, God tells us we are loved exactly where we are being who we are. He invites us daily to walk with Him, look to Him for whatever needs we have, and to trust Him no matter what happens to or around us because He is always there for and with us. Despite the negative messages that rain over us, His message shines through – you are loved.


What's a local-favorite activity to do during the summer in the area where you live?

    • In Minnesota, summers are too short so once the weather gets even halfway nice, the neighbors emerge from their cocoons and start getting caught up! One of my favorite things to do is walk around one of the lakes in the Chain of Lakes in Minneapolis, especially Lake Harriet. All of the lakes in the area are surrounded by beautiful (and expensive homes), lots of green space, and of course, have ice cream and treats available. It’s a beautiful place to walk and can get super crowded by people running, biking, walking their dogs, swimming at the beaches but it’s such a rite of summer in these parts. People of all ages, sizes, colors, clothing choices (in swimwear but also strolling in high heels and suits!).
I love that! My daughters' favorite activity is walking to the ice cream parlor too. Soft serve or flurries are the best!

Do you have a scripture that really speaks to you around the latest book you wrote? Did that influence your writing at all?
    • Isaiah 49:13  “Shout for joy, O heavens, rejoice O earth; burst into song, O mountains! For the Lord comforts His people and will have compassion on His afflicted ones.”
    • There’s so much about this verse that speaks to this story. God is aware of our afflictions, our tears and pain, and He will comfort us. So often we feel alone in our suffering, as does Mikayla in this story, but God hears our cries and collects our tears even as He works everything out. We are never alone, and Scripture tells the heavens and earth, even the mountains to rejoice in that knowledge.
    • Isn’t it a great visual? Just as Mikayla learns to hear the mountain song through her pain, we too can hear/feel/see creation rejoicing around us—the new life of spring after a cold winter, the joy of summer flowers, the changing colors of fall, even the beauty in snowfall—and be reminded that the Creator is not far off but an active participant in our daily lives. His creation is meant to encourage and inspire us, comfort and rejoice with us.
    • So shout for joy, rejoice, and burst into song! The God who created each of us will have compassion on us and comfort us in whatever life brings our way.
If you could have any creature as a pet (real or fantasy) what would it be? Do any characters in your book have a pet or allergy to a type of animal?
    • Mikayla, the main character in When Mountains Sing, always wanted a dog but couldn’t have one because of a sibling’s allergies. She’d dreamed of a strong, brave German shepherd to go on adventures with her, or a loyal, loving retriever to be at her side while she hiked and camped and fished. What she ends up with as a traveling companion is Lula, a tiny, pixie-ish dog with dainty paws, a tiny nose, and fly-away fur; a Chion (Chihuahua-Papillon mix). While she’d never have chosen the little dog to join her, she’s surprised to discover there’s lots of big dog bravery and spunk packed into the tiny body. She couldn’t have made a better choice to be her sidekick.
    • Lula is based on a friend’s grand-dog named Lena. I fell in love with the dainty little thing with the sweet face when I first met her and knew she’d have to be part of a future book. I named her Lula (after the silly dog in the children’s Pocoyo series) and she quickly became one of my favorite characters! But for me personally? Golden retriever all the way. We have our 4th.
How many books have you written? Which one is most dear to you and why?
    • When Mountains Sing is my fifth book. The first three (Shattered Image, Dance of Grace, and The Color of Truth in the Chain of Lakes series) are stand-alone books based in the same Uptown area of Minneapolis (yes, near Lake Harriet!) with many of the same secondary characters. My fourth novel, Open Circle, was written to highlight the amazing work of senior program workers who care for those with dementia or other aging issues. That came out after my mom died after an eight-year battle with Alzheimer’s.
    • When Mountains Sing is the first in a series of three (My Father’s House series) based on three sisters coping with long-held family secrets, and their individual searches to discover who they truly are (in the world but also in God’s eyes).
    • My personal favorite is Dance of Grace which follows a young woman struggling to rebuild her life after a devastating accident, and her relationship with an ex-con living out a second chance at life. They are two of the most raw, real characters I’ve written, with such painful histories and yet a desire to continue putting one foot in front of the other.
What is a go-to dish you take with you to social gatherings (picnic, dinner with friends, holiday, ect)?
    • I am not a cook (which is different than crook) so I never wow anyone with anything I’ve made. However, the perennial favorite is what we call Special K bars (others call them Scotcharoos, etc.). It’s a bar made of peanut butter, butter, marshmallows, and Special K cereal with melted chocolate and butterscotch chips on top. Yum!
That sounds so yummy! I need to try that

One of your favorite lines you've written (character saying, quote, scene, ect)?
    • In Open Circle, there’s a line that one of the seniors with dementia says (he still thinks he’s the mayor of the town) that has always made me giggle. Nobody else probably thinks it’s funny, but I think it sums up the cheerful (in his case) confusion of many dealing with aging issues. When Minnie, the social worker at the senior center, asks Jerry how he’s doing that morning when he arrives:
      He caught her hand between his meaty ones and pumped vigorously. “The sun is shining, the corn is growing, and the cows are giving milk. What could be better?”
    • For some reason it makes me smile. Simple life in the country!
I love that, growing up in a farming community in Ohio I understand that sentiment- reading that made me smile.




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    1. Dorothy, I'm excited to read them too! It's such a great variety of authors writing in a variety of genres.

  2. Thanks for letting me stop by today, Angela! Definitely try those Special K bars - they're my favorite!! (Nowadays you can buy them in stores, even at some of the fast food places but they just aren't as good as homemade!)

  3. I grew up on a farm so your favourite line made me smile too Stacy :)

  4. Like meeting new authors and look forward to reading this books