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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Before the Devil Breaks You REVIEW

Before the Devil Breaks You  

Title: Before the Devil Breaks You   
Series:  The Diviners, book 3
Author: Libba Bray | Narrator: January LaVoy
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers 
Release Date: October 3rd, 2017
Print Length: 552 pages  | Audio Length: 21 hours and 26 minutes
Genre: Young Adult, Supernatural, Historical Fiction, Paranormal
Edition:  audiobook- I borrowed this from my local library via the Overdrive app

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Lair of Dreams (The Diviners, #2)Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lair of Dreams' them song is Beautiful Dreamer by Stephen Foster

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New York City.
Lights are bright.
Jazz is king.
Parties are wild.
And the dead are coming...

After battling a supernatural sleeping sickness that early claimed two of their own, the Diviners have had enough of lies. They're more determined than ever to uncover the mystery behind their extraordinary powers, even as they face off against an all-new terror. Out on Ward's Island, far from the city's bustle, sits a mental hospital haunted by the lost souls of people long forgotten--ghosts who have unusual and dangerous ties to the man in the stovepipe hat, also known as the King of Crows.

With terrible accounts of murder and possession flooding in from all over, and New York City on the verge of panic, the Diviners must band together and brave the sinister ghosts invading the asylum, a fight that will bring them fact-to-face with the King of Crows. But as the explosive secrets of the past come to light, loyalties and friendships will be tested, love will hang in the balance, and the Diviners will question all that they've ever known. All the while, malevolent forces gather from every corner in a battle for the very soul of a nation--a fight that could claim the Diviners themselves.

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Main Characters

  • Original cast of Diviners
  • Author- head of a terrorist group, Mable's new love interest
  • Jake Marlowe- founder of Eugenics, makes the serum keeping Jericho alive. 


The Diviners' story continues after saving NYC from a sleeping sickness in Lair of Dreams. Now everyone is seeing ghosts and turned its away love from the supernatural abled group, specifically America's Sweetheart Seer. There is a lot going on in book 3!

  • Sam and Evie investigate top secret military Department of Paranormal's 'Project Buffalo' searching for Sam's mother while trying to stay in the public's good graces competing with another radio leading lady. 
  • We find out Project Buffalo was all about creating Diviners by offering 'vitamins' to immigrant expectant mother's without warning them it was an experimental drug.
  • Jericho goes undercover at Eugenics founder Marlowe's estate to find a machine to read cryptic Project Buffalo text and test a new Vita Health Tonic serum intending to make healthy 'Exceptional Americans'. 
  • Mable joins a terrorist group in protest against racism and to promote fair labor laws/unions. 
  • Theta runs from her past and denies her abilities causing romantic problems with Memphis.


1927 New York City


This author's note pretty much sums it up:

“We are a country built by immigrants, dreams, daring, and opportunity. We are a country built by the horrors of slavery and genocide, the injustice of racism and exclusion. These realities exist side by side. It is our past and our present. The future is unwritten. This is a book about ghosts. For we live in a haunted house.”

What did I like about the book?


I normally don't like history, probably because my husband is a soldier obsessed with watching war movies and feel like if you've seen one then you've seen them all. Give me fantasy and magic, I prefer an escape. I've been reading more historical fiction lately but I still go for the alternative history or magical realism or retellings. Reading about the segregation and racism makes me sad. I KNOW its a thing but this Diviners series is making me much more aware. Its not just an idea. I can see it happening now, 100 years later in America. The sad thing is, when I point it out others don't see it either and justify their remarks or thinking. This book makes me want to know more.

Breeding a fitter America; sterilizing people that don't fit the perfect trait of what {white} America should look like. Rounding up a specific not-white race and blaming the entirety on some illness. KKK. Not wanting to mix cultures or date outside ethnicity. All this feels very Hitler-ish. Also, I've HEARD people say stupid remarks like these now and justify with; 'its what I believe', 'the world would be better off', 'crime rates will show you', 'its just science'. I know The Diviners are LONG but maybe they should be mandatory reading in school, get a dialogue going.

15 minutes of fame; First everyone loves the Diviners then they are to blame for the current problems. Media and our attention spans are a fickle beast.

More back stories and world building. Character development. Relationships. Redemption. Loyalty. I just love this story so much!

What did I not like about the book?

Everything is going along and bam- all the characters are in heat at the same time. No petting for this group, lets skip straight to sex. It was weird that it was all of them. Also, it was weird that it was all in the same time frame. I can totally understand Mable's mindset. Her scene makes the most sense. I don't think the other ones needed to be added.

Date Started/Finished : August 31st- September 4th, 2019

Recommend? YES!

The audiobook is 21.5 hours of listening goodness but it took SO LONG to finish the story because I was only listening on commutes and I got into a Netflix's 13 Reasons Why binge.

Reason for Reading – read the first couple books and I'm hooked on this narrator and series
Story – 5 out of 5 Stars - the plot and setting are amazing, continues on the important topic of racism and immigrants
Romance – 4 out of 5 Stars - emotionally connected with characters
Writing – 5 out of 5 Stars - character arcs developed, history and mystery deepened
Would Read More from Author? Definitely
Recommend To – fantasty historical fiction lovers

Rating: 5/★★★★★
based off Goodreads' ratings: 5 stars – LOVE, it was amazing, highly recommend.

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