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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Cover Reveal for Never Give Up

Welcome to the Cover Reveal for Never Give Up, final book of Faithfully Yours series by Anne Carol, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


There will be four books in the Faithfully Yours series, all four featuring Beth and David, as their love story takes many twists and turns over the two decades the series will span. Come along on their journey and see how they gradually deepen their faith in the One who holds them up in good times and bad. Read more about the series’ transformation HERE.

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Title: Never Give Up
Series: Faithfully Yours, Book 4
Author: Anne Carol
Release Date: November 26, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Love never fails.

The final book of the Faithfully Yours series begins as English guitarist David Somers and his California-bred wife Beth celebrate ten years together. Their anniversary comes on the heels of a big move from England to California. Leaving his years of band life behind, David—now a father of two—decides to pursue a solo music career in Los Angeles.

Beth is thrilled to return to her home state and immediately enrolls at a local university, determined to finish her writing degree. Meanwhile, David struggles to adjust to life in his adopted country, and when his music career is hampered by unexpected health issues, he gradually descends into a dark place where even Beth cannot seem to reach him. As married life spirals out of control, this young family becomes desperate for a miracle.

Just when things seem hopeless, a friend steps in with a powerful message that could rescue the Somers from a crushing downfall. Will evil win out and succeed in destroying their family, or will David and Beth renew their commitment, never giving up hope for restoration?

Here's the Cover:


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